Wupper Frog Boat

Wupper airlines SKU: 49600 Barcode: 741459728250


Wupper Airlines are wooden, bouncing mobiles that brighten the hearts of kids and adults! They are named after a river called Wupper in the town of Wuppertal, Germany. Frog Windwheel: This is a whimsical action figure that hangs from a long spring, bobbing up and down when gently tugged, causing the windwheel on the boat to spin. The spring can be attached to any common ceiling hook. It is a well made, high quality mobile designed in Germany. It is made of wood. The boat contains a frog. The spring has a stretch in it which when pulled on makes the colorful wind wheel spin. The windwheel part is painted two shades of green with yellow butterflies and a frog face in the center on both sides. Perfect gift for boat and frog enthusiasts! This is a decoration, not a toy. 

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