Eureka! D&D Adult One Shots

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D&D One Shots, held once a month on Sunday here at Eureka Puzzles! These will be run by an experienced DM, who will give you a new and unique adventure every session! This will be for about two and a half hours, from 7PM-9:30 PM. 

IMPORTANT: This sign up will be for our upcoming session on 4/21! If you'd like to sign up for a future session that's not listed, please email or call the store at 617-738-7352. 

Coming up on 4/21: 

Any players who are new or learning, there is also an optional teaching session before the One-Shot, for about a half an hour, where the DM will run you through rules and mechanics, and give you a chance to get familiar before the game. Please sign up for this here.

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