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D&D One Shots, held once a month here at Eureka Puzzles! These will be run by an experienced DM, who will give you a new and unique adventure every session! This will be for about two and a half hours, from 7PM-9:30 PM. 

IMPORTANT: This sign up will be for our upcoming session on 2/25. Seats for 1/28 are no longer available! If you'd like to sign up for a future session that's not listed, please email or call the store at 617-738-7352. 

Coming Up on 2/25: 

The Lunar Games have begun...

On every lunar eclipse, a group of capable adventurers are chosen at random to compete in The Lunar Games; a series of sinister games and challenges that're filled to the brim with stakes, prizes, teamwork and betrayal. All of this is orchestrated by the malevolent and infamous Moonlight King. But this time, strings are being pulled from the sidelines that may lead to the permanent end of these nefarious games. Will you play along, or will you aid in defeating the Moonlight King once and for all?

Coming up on 3/17: TBA

Any players who are new or learning, there is also an optional teaching session before the One-Shot, for about a half an hour, where the DM will run you through rules and mechanics, and give you a chance to get familiar before the game. Please sign up for this here.

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