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Eureka! is a store overflowing with treasures. We've got products ranging from artful jigsaws to diabolically mind-bending mechanical puzzles, from the simplest party games to the most complex strategic Euro-style games, and from fidget toys to the ancient art of Japanese puzzle boxes. 

Our goal is to provide a collection of items which stimulates the mind, is playful to the spirit, and has lasting value. 

About Us
Our staff are passionate about puzzles and games, and love talking about them!

Carter: Carter is a lover of RPGs, Magic the Gathering, cooperative games, and complex world-builders like Terraforming Mars. Our floor manager and jack-of-all-trades, ask Carter about almost anything in the store and they'll have the answer!

Sarah: Sarah has a BFA in Sculpture from Maine College of Art and, following that, many years of retail under her belt. Sarah has returned to Eureka and taken over as principal buyer for the store. She works hard to keep the store looking fresh and exciting to customers of all ages. Sarah welcomes feedback on product, customer service, and store organization. 

Flannery: Flannery's attention to detail makes her a whiz with merchandizing, models, and modifying images for our custom puzzle factory. An avid gamer, Flannery is working her way through our entire library of board games (while somehow making time for three separate D&D campaigns), and would love to tell you about her favorites! She's also a great teacher, and helps out with our game camps and after-school D&D. 

Dylan: Our resident Game Master, Dylan brings a wealth of roleplaying experience to the store! Dylan is a Dungeons & Dragons expert, and runs games for kids and adults. You can also find them on the retail floor, where they'll happily run you through some of their favorite board games. 

Aidan: A musician by trade, Aidan also delights in kicking butt at take-that board games. In his down time at the store, he's working his way through our collection of Hanayama cast mechanical puzzles. His can-do attitude makes him a valuable addition to the team!

Alina: Between the retail floor, On The Spot events, and behind-the-scenes administrative work, Alina does a little bit of everything. Her background in theatre makes her particularly partial to cooperative games and RPGs, and she'll happily rave to you about her favorites. While she came to the store a jigsaw enthusiast, she is also learning about mechanical puzzles (only a little reluctantly), and would love to share her opinions with you!




Some of the merchandise here will help you understand how things work, from tiny items that you need a microscope to see to games about politics or history which can provide extraordinary insights.  We have items that will confound you, perplex you, delight you, and some which, even when you see them, you are not sure can exist! 

We have over 1000 jigsaw puzzles, over 1000 mechanical puzzles, 1500 games, 1000 puzzle books of all types, and about 500 items directly related to Science.   

Our games span ages and game genres.   We have an extensive collection of Euro Games (such as Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne),   Abstract strategy games (such as Chess, Go, or Blokus), children's games (such as Rat-tat-cat or Zimbos) and many family and group games.

We're also more than just a store! We provide a number of ways to play in addition to our retail space. In the summer, we host Tuesday Game Nights (weather permitting) where we teach the latest games on the market. During school vacations, we operate game camp for gamers ages 10-14, and when school is in session, we offer after-school Dungeons & Dragons. For grown-up gamers, we've just launched Adult D&D one-shots! And finally, if you're looking to entertain a crowd, we can bring our games and puzzles to you with our On the Spot service. 

We pride ourselves on helping customers find the right items to fit their needs. We are happy to help either over the phone (617-738-7352) or in person.