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We'll turn your picture into a puzzle! (What image makes a good puzzle?)

  • First, choose your size and piece count.
  • Upload your image using the link below. 
  • Click "Add to cart" and check out!

NOTE: If you have trouble with your image upload, please call the store at (617) 738-7352.

The current estimate for puzzle turnaround is one to two weeks.

You'll receive an email once your puzzle is completed. We will be in touch with any issues that may arise with your puzzle. 

Size & Piece Count: 500 pc 18"x24"
500 pc 18"x24"
300 pc 18"x24" (large pieces)
300 pc 13"x19"
175 pc 13"x19"
30 pc 13"x19" (large pieces)
100 pc 10"x13"
48 pc 5"x7" magnetic


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