WOWmazing Grab-n-Go Giant Bubble Kit

South Beach Bubbles SKU: 54663 Barcode: 860001465679


Are you traveling? Planning to spend quality time with friends and family, in the fresh air and sunshine? This giant bubble making kit may be the perfect thing for just that!


✔ A set of wands that has the same design used to set every “Biggest Bubble” world record, for the last 30 years!

✔ A pouch of “We had so much fun!” All you have to do is to add a quart of water. It will make hundreds of the biggest, most beautiful bubbles ever.

✔ A bag that converts into a bucket! You heard it right… no need to bring a bucket.

✔ A terrific “Tips & Tricks” booklet, to help the whole family become master bubble creators!

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