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Measures 10" long and 4" wide
Made from sustainable walnut wood
Made in the USA
Cribbage board aficionados! It's time to add a little rustic charm to your collection with this Walnut Urban Live Edge Cribbage Board by Heartwood Creations. Each of these cribbage boards is extremely unique. While they are all cut and created in the same way, no two wood pieces are like, which means no two boards will ever be the same. This distinction means your cribbage board is unique yours, but always beautiful. For utility purposes, a small compartment is cut into the back to easily store the metal pegs. No more worrying and wondering about where the pieces have gone. The beautiful ombre look of this walnut wood actually makes this a gorgeous display piece as well. When you are cribbage sharking your family, this will just look nice sitting on your game shelf.
Heartwood Creations began over 40 years ago and started with a sweet and simple gesture. Owner Mike wanted to get his girlfriend a special gift, so he carved her a little secret box. This instilled in him a love and curiosity for woodworking. He toiled away in his garage for over 10 years, and then the business grew and expanded beyond his wildest dreams. This particular type of walnut is called burl walnut, and it is known for its unique grain color and pattern. There's kind of this beautiful swirl of dark and light, which makes this a coveted material for furniture and wood sculpting. American Black Walnut trees are some of the largest hardwood trees in North America and Heartwood Creations ensures that they are sustainably harvested. It's time for something new and beautiful, and you'll find that with the Walnut Urban Live Edge Cribbage Board by Heartwood Creations. 

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