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And the moon said "Hare, you must go now and deliver my message to the human race". But lazy Hare would approach his task without due care, and today his noticeable split lip is what he has left to show for angering the moon all those centuries ago.

Exploring the mythology and folklore of the animal kingdom from a time when man lived much closer them, we also look into how our relationships have changed and evolved whether it be how certain animals came to be respected or revered, or how Man's Best Friend itself was not always a dog or a cat.

Under the Moon is Jocu's first cold foil deck series, with 56 fully custom playing cards by Jocu designer Alessandra Gagliano

Cold Foil printing on backs of all variants

Printed on slimline card stock with premium B9 linen finish by Cartamundi

Luxury matte tuck boxes with multiple foils by our long time collaborator Boschiero & Newton

Designed in Italy, cards printed in Belgium and boxes printed in Italy

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