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The Wright brothers got it right. When these talented bicycle mechanics set out to build the world's first motor-driven, heavier-than-air airplane, they needed wings that could provide enough lift, yet be light and strong. They went with a biplane design, seen in early hang gliders. Biplanes have two fixed wings, one on top of the other, connected with supporting struts; the bracing permits a lighter wing structure. WWI flyers took to the skies in biplanes, and while the Red Baron is known for his iconic crimson triplane, most of his decorated combat career was spent in biplanes. Advances in aviation technology and materials made the biplane obsolete by the late 1930's, however, biplanes remain a fixture and fan favorite at airshows to this day.

Model size: 6*5.1*3.1 in (15*13*8 cm)

Package size:  8.3*3.6*0.8 in (21*9.2*2 cm)

  • Number of components: 84
  • Estimated time of assembly: 1 hour
  • Level: Easy

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