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CRAZY SHAPES is the craziest puzzle series in the world! The only puzzles with irregular shapes and no edges. These crazy puzzles are a real treat and a real challenge for puzzle fans. After completing the puzzle, a 680 x 480 mm picture will be created. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to spend free time with friends and family and a great exercise for the brain. Puzzles make a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. Trefl puzzles are manufactured in Poland, and made of natural materials only. The use of a special paper with the structure of flax fiber reduces light reflections and makes stacking puzzles easier, providing you with even more fun.

  • Puzzles with 600 elements from the CRAZY SHAPES series is ideal for extreme puzzle fans. This puzzle allows you to create a picture with dimensions of 680 x 480 mm
  • Puzzle elements have crazy, unusual shapes, no straight lines, and the edge of the picture is twisted and irregular
  • Puzzles are made of high-quality materials that are eco-friendly with using reflection-reducing paper
  • Great for memory and manual skills development, exercise of concentration, patience and perceptiveness
  • A unique gift for puzzle enthusiasts, adults and children over 10 years of age

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