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• Spot state license plates from your Travel Bingo card from the backseat on your road trips • Miles and hours of retro fun! • Available in different colors, shipped randomly

Bingo with a twist! The first person to find 5 state license plates in a row wins! These 4 Travel Bingo cards are great for road trips or everyday car trips to the grocery store.

Shutter Slide bingo cards measure 6.75 in x 6.5 in with large print that make them easy to read for kids and adults. 
Cards have finger-tip shutter slide windows that are 1/2 inch tall. Each card is made from 4-ply cardboard paper.

The License Plate Travel Bingo Set is perfect for family vacations, car rides, and road trips. Each card features different states to match with any passing car's license plates. 

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