Tenfold Dungeon: The Town

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Tenfold Dungeon is fully immersive, out-the-box 3D terrain for your RPGs and dungeon crawling games. With amazingly detailed art printed in every box, and 1”× 1” grids discreetly layered into the environment, Tenfold Dungeon provides a high-quality, atmospheric play space for all your tabletop needs. Along with its compact, lightweight design, it’s never been easier to take your high-octane adventures with you – wherever you go.


  • 12 Illustrated rooms
  • 20 doors
  • 2 gates
  • 6 staircases (requires assembly)
  • 9 walls
  • 5 fences (requires assembly)
  • 48 plastic clips
  • 1 module: Gang of Thieves

Includes 5e adventure: Gang of Thieves
The town of Holdthorpe is not what it used to be. Ever since the arrival of a band of brothers known as The Five Rings, the entire town has been veiled in a grey haze which keeps visitors from ever leaving. Robbed of it’s former splendor, Holdthorpe has become a home to bandits, vagabonds and lowlifes drawn to the arcane artifact that the Five Rings hold in their possession.


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