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TacTiki is an abstract strategy game for 2 players, with a strong memory aspect, recommended for players aged 8 years old or higher, lasting between 20-30 minutes. Tactics and planning are the lifeblood of the game, which will fascinate and attract players from all over the world - all securely packed in a mysterious box!

Make your way to the opposite side of the board and build a TAC or TIKI statue with 5 of your pieces on one of your opponent’s start fields. The square, 5x5 board tile is the island where the war of the gods will take place, with the first row of fields on opposing sides representing the start fields and the rest representing the battlefield. During the game, you will move and stack multiple pieces on top of each other, forming columns and initiating attacks against your opponent. On your turn, you may either move pieces or reincarnate a defeated piece. You can move a piece 1 field forward, left, or right, but not backwards or diagonally.

Each player’s turn consists of two moves. One piece can move twice or Two pieces can each move once. When a piece moves into a field with 1 or more already existing pieces, it is always placed directly on top of the other piece(s). Players can also Reincarnate a defeated piece. You do not need to show your opponent it's value. If you move to a field containing an opponent’s piece a battle occurs with each player revealing their piece’s strength. The weaker of the two is removed from the game. In case of a tie, both pieces stay in the field but only the one in the top can move, blocking their opponent. Also, once a piece has reached an opponent’s start field, it may not be moved anymore, neither by you nor by any action of your opponent.

You win the game by being the first player to build a statue of 5 pieces on an opponent’s single start field.

Player Count: 2

Play Time: 30 mins

Age: 10+

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