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  • SOMEONE HAS DIED… and you want their stuff! But can you convince the estate keeper to give you the fortune, despite your bizarre backstory and dubious relationship to the deceased—all while facing prying questions and silly accusations from the other players? This hilarious improvisational storytelling party game is a wild ride of persuasion, accusation, and laugh-out-loud fun.
  • RIDICULOUS ROLES TO PLAY: Using a hand of unique Identity, Relationship, and Backstory cards, craft your most convincing character and take turns arguing your case—while other players poke holes in your story! Why are you worthy of the fortune, when you’re a caveman thawed from ice who only recognizes the deceased from TV? And what if it’s revealed that you’re a compulsive air drummer… who’s also blackmailing the estate keeper?! With new cards adding twists throughout, no two games are ever the same!
  • ACCESSIBLE & EASY TO LEARN: Hilarious card combinations invite even reluctant improvisers and shy storytellers to the table, and the rules are simple enough to explain in ten minutes or less. Looking for a fun, addictive party game for players of any experience level to play again and again? Look no further!
  • PERFECT FOR fans of voting games with a persuasive angle like Superfight and Funemployed, storytelling games like Once Upon a Time, and light roleplaying games like Fiasco.
  • INCLUDES: 77 Backstory cards, 31 Identity Cards, 27 Relationship cards, 28 Objection cards, instructions.

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