Solar System & Beyond

Eeboo SKU: 54872 Barcode: 689196514654


Solar System and Beyond, a GIANT, 48 piece jigsaw puzzle. Packed with information about our Solar System, current innovations in space exploration and astronomical phenomena. Educational and beautifully illustrated, this puzzle also includes facts about the history of space travel, basic facts about the universe.

Puzzles are a wonderful activity for young children that requires, careful observation, spatial reasoning and patience. Piecing together a puzzle develops familiarity with pattern, shape, and color recognition. Children are challenged by the task and gifted confidence by the puzzles completion!

Age 4+
Inside the Box: 48 Giant, sturdy pieces that are coated on 2 sides
Pieces are almost dustless and snap together with ease
Completed Puzzle is 30 inches x 24 inches
Includes a colorful 20 x 16 inch educational poster

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