Rhombic Maze Burr

Two Brass Monkeys SKU: 55476


This captivating puzzle features twelve maze plates and pins that slide across the faces of a rhombic dodecahedron. Your mission: extract the removable exit maze plate from  the intricate labyrinth. With numerous plate configurations possible, this mind-bending challenge can range from a relatively 'simple' 30 moves to a staggering 379 moves.

Each RMB puzzle includes :

  • A 3D printed rhombic frame, consisting of two securely pinned parts made from durable PLA material.
  • A collection of 13 distinct maze plates and 12 pin plates, providing a variety of configurations for endless puzzling possibilities.
  • Custom-designed brass pins, engineered for effortless insertion and removal by hand. For those with low grip strength or exceptionally slippery fingers, an additional extraction tool is provided.
  • A comprehensive challenge booklet boasting a staggering 101 puzzles to conquer, offering an abundance of puzzling entertainment at less than 75 pence per puzzle.

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