Puzzles for Mindfulness Sudoku

Arcturus Publishing SKU: 52549 Barcode: 9781398802803


The act of solving puzzles is a great way of encouraging our minds to be relaxed and in the moment, bringing a sense of peace and stillness, which is the essence of mindfulness.

This collection includes over 120 sudoku grids set over five difficulty levels. Interspersed with inspirational quotes, this puzzle book is specially designed to help you on your mindfulness journey and keep your mind truly engaged and appreciative of the present moment.

EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN: Give your mind a great workout as you find each missing number.
REDUCE STRESS: Feel your stress melt away as you focus on these satisfying puzzles.
INSPIRING QUOTES: Beautiful and uplifting quotes will accompany on your puzzle-solving journey.
POCKET-SIZED: This handy layout is perfect for your travels, pocket or bag, or just to keep by your bedside.

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