Add power to your paper airplanes with PowerUp 2.0 Introducing the NEXT generation PowerUp 2.0 Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit. More power, More durable, Easier to fly. This is the second generation of the award winning PowerUp System. Take your basic home-made paper airplane designs to the next level with the PowerUp 2.0. Just attach to the nose of any paper plane and see this fly hundreds of feet above a soccer or football field. Quick charge for 20 seconds with the included power pack and see it fly across the sky. Learn the art of flight with no worry of damaging the plane just fold another one! Powerup kits are perfect for science classes, afterschool programs, or a sunny day in the park with friends a challenging, creative, and educational activity for kids and adults alike. Purchase one today, and prepare for liftoff. (3 AA batteries and Paper are not included)

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