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Oh No Volcano! The treasure seeking, lava dodging game! Climb the legendary volcano to claim its ancient treasures. Peril lies ahead on every turn. Be the first explorer to collect your riches and avoid the fiery fury of the volcano. Will you triumph with treasure, or will you be left screaming, oh no volcano! ​

EASY TO SET UP AND PLAY! The gameboard sits atop the box for a quick and easy set up in minutes.

​ CHOOSER YOUR PATH: Cards tell you how many spaces to move, chose your path wisely to collect treasure, and stay safe from lava! ​

DODGE LAVA! Watch the lava balls rattle and roll, knocking explorers off the volcano! Will you survive? ​

COLLECT YOUR TREASURE: The first explorer to collect all their treasure, wins! ​

FUN GIFTS FOR KIDS: Oh No Volcano is an introduction to strategy Board Games and is an excellent gift for families and kids who love playing games. Ages 8+, 2-4 players. ​

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