Nebula mini poly nocturn blu

Chessex SKU: 50080 Barcode: 601982035211


For use in tabletop RPG games (such as Dungeons & Dragons).

Contains 7 Nebula Nocturnal Dice with blue numbers in the following Shapes:

1 x Mini 20-sided die (MN2057)
1 x Mini 12-sided die (MN1257)
1 x Mini Tens 10-sided die (MN1157)
1 x Mini 10-sided die (MN1057)
1 x Mini 8-sided die (MN0857)
1 x Mini 6-sided die (MN0657)
1 x Mini 4-sided die (MN0457)

Comes in 02801 Display Case w/ Lid and Foam Square

This color has our Luminary™ effect. It can look like stars in the dark (with enough light exposure beforehand or under a black light).

Product Details

  • Effects: Luminary Effect
  • Style: Nebula™2nd
  • Style: Luminary™
  • Packaged Format: Cube
  • Size: Mini-Polyhedral
  • Color: Purple, Clear

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