Mined Out!

Braincrack Games SKU: 33514 Barcode: 655003984101


Introducing Mined Out: a pocket-sized game of far deeper proportions that throws you deep into a dark and treacherous mine in search of precious gems. With colourful illustrations, arcade-inspired mechanics and fast-paced gameplay, it's a game that can entertain families and satisfy players of any level. Mined Out is small enough to take anywhere, and deep enough to engage even the most strategy-obsessed players.

How to Play:

In Mined Out, players explore their own personal mines, displayed over a set of 12 different square cards, with billions of potential combinations guaranteeing a unique mine every time you play.

Players allocate limited Action Points to moving around their mine, collecting gems, building useful upgrades, securing hazardous areas of the mine, and sabotaging others with dynamite!

Once one player has built all of their upgrades, the player with the highest scoring combination of gems, upgrades and explored mine cards wins!

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