Map It! World Edition

FoxMind Canada SKU: 20352 Barcode: 8717344310802


Is Bangkok north or south of Cancun? What about Mount Everest? Is it to the east or the west of St. Petersburg? Players take turns placing location cards on an axis north-south-east-west in relation to the other cards. If you are not sure, make your best guess. But watch out, your opponents may see you are bluffing and challenge you, resulting in steal a point from you if the card is not correctly placed. Get your bearings and try to outwit your disoriented opponents. Young minds and seasoned globetrotters alike can lose themselves in the fun of this great game of directions. Contents includes 200 location cards (170 cities and 30 landmarks) in 2 levels of difficulty, 1 compass rose card, 1 double sided map for reference (beginner and expert), 35 point tokens.

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