Karen Puzzles Gradient Cascade META Puzzle

Ravensburger SKU: 53621 Barcode: 4005556174980


Get meta with a new release from Karen Puzzles! Our exclusive “Gradient Cascade” puts puzzles within the puzzle for a whole new dimension of fun! Leave it to YouTube host and jigsaw puzzle guru Karen Puzzles (aka Karen Kavett) to design a puzzle that’s actually seven puzzles in one! We collaborated with Karen and digital 3D artist-extraordinaire Wes Cockx to create a meta puzzle with a series of mini puzzles (the large falling puzzle pieces) within the larger field. Karen’s love of gradients and Wes’s ability to create stunning 3D worlds yielded this amazing image with glasslike textures and soothing yet vivid colors.

Tackle it all at once or one mini puzzle at a time! Part of our Karen Puzzles Collection series, this 3D rendered art puzzle features mini puzzles within the larger puzzle. Our cutting dies are handcrafted in Germany, ensuring clean-cut pieces and a perfect interlocking fit for a most pleasurable puzzling experience. Create memorable moments with Ravensburger premium puzzles!

About the Artist: A master at creating 3D art with such incredible dimension you want to reach out and touch it, Wes Cockx is a digital artist based in Brooklyn, New York. With 10 years of experience, Wes has created design and motion for a diverse range of clients in tech, advertising, editorial & fashion. He strongly believes in exploring and experimenting with visual styles, techniques and software to push the limits of a project as well as his own creativity.

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