Impossible Jigsaw 29

Hanayama SKU: 55173 Barcode: 5425004734921


This unusual "jigsaw" puzzle consists of 29 pieces, but 5 of them are corner pieces...  What you will soon discover is that this jigsaw puzzle is anything but ordinary!

Yuu Asaka has created several creative packing-style puzzles that have taken the puzzle world by storm.  They all share solutions with an absolutely captivating twist, 

The Jigsaw 29 puzzle is actually a very difficult puzzle and believe it or not - all 29 pieces fit into the frame (including all 5 corner pieces!)  without any gaps.  There is only one solution.  Tray measures 10 cm x 10 cm.

An amazing packing puzzle designed by Yuu Asaka and produced by Hanayama.

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