HoKey PoKey Lock

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It's time to get out those dancing shoes again.

The HoKey PoKey was Steve's exchange puzzle at the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange at the 40th International Puzzle Party.

After exchanging the HoKey CoKey a few years ago, we received feedback (mainly from our American customers) that the "proper" name for the song is the HoKey PoKey. We also had feedback from the wine drinkers that the bottle opener had limited use too. We've taken both bits of feedback on board, created a new puzzle with the "right" name and added a wine stopper. The "40" on the wine stopper is, of course, a nod to the 40th IPP.

The puzzle has been made by modifying a standard brass padlock and may contain original manufacturing marks.

A secondary goal is to discover the pun hidden within this puzzle.

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