Hair of the Dog

Cherry Picked Games SKU: 54291 Barcode: 669393948964


Hair of the Dog is the trendy new spot for dog owners to bring their pets.

Sadly, no one in your friend circle has a dog. It’s a real problem. You need to pet one; you all do.

Luckily, the Hair of the Dog pub will let you in, as long as you’re buying drinks. Your group heads there with a singular mission: pet all the dogs.

Of course, it’s not enough just to pet the dogs. You need to win: to be the undisputed best at hand-to-dog contact. To do so, you must get a variety of scratching styles from unique dogs. The dogs at this bar are picky and all have different criteria you must meet before they let you pet them. You also need to be a good patron of the establishment by buying drinks. Failure to be a good customer will result in the staff shaming you for selfishly taking up space.

Pet the dogs better than your friends and don’t be shamed. Should be a relaxing evening, right?

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