Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards

Chronicle Books SKU: 54208 Barcode: 9781616893590


A beautiful deck of cards that brings the full spectrum of color into play.

Rainbow hues—Add an extra element of fun to your card games with these rainbow color sequenced premium playing cards by the Brooklyn-based design duo Fredericks & Mae.

An ideal gift for color lovers of all ages—From the aspiring card shark in the family to the more design-oriented.

Sturdy keepsake box—These one-of-a kind playing cards stay safe in a sturdy keepsake box with foil stamping and a mini-booklet with interesting history and lore of card decks, game instruction, and information about the artists.

Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards are indispensable companions to Fredericks & Mae Paper Games: Dots & Boxes - Hex - Hedron - Nim - Tic-Tac-Toe

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