Dog Park Leisure Time

Antalope Puzzles SKU: 55696 Barcode: 850030880208


  • Non-glare finish: Our jigsaw puzzle features a non-glare finish that enhances the visibility of the puzzle pieces, allowing for a more enjoyable and immersive puzzle-solving experience.
  • Zero puzzle dust: Say goodbye to annoying puzzle dust! Our puzzles are manufactured with precision to minimize loose debris, keeping your puzzle pieces clean and free from excess dust particles.
  • Sturdy cardboard construction: Our puzzles are made from sturdy cardboard that is built to last. Unlike flimsy alternatives, our puzzles maintain their shape and form, providing a satisfying and seamless puzzle assembly experience.
  • Easy Interlocking: Our premium-quality puzzle is designed for effortless assembly. With precision-cut pieces and a secure interlocking mechanism, each piece fits seamlessly into place. You'll experience a smooth and satisfying puzzle-solving process, without any pieces accidentally coming apart.
  • Finished Size: 20.5 x 29.5 in

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