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  • HOW TO NAVIGATE: The Cryptex Round Lock Compass Flash Drive features a mechanically locking design to secure your data. Only the owner of who positions each of the four gears in the right place can open the lock and get access to the USB flash drive hidden inside
  • BEHIND THE DESIGN: Did Leonardo Da Vinci invent the original cryptex? Though it's never been proven, our Cryptex, designed by Russian Designer Stanislav Tatarinov, was inspired by Leonardos amazing sketches
  • ANTIQUE FINISH: This 32 GB Compass flash drive comes in an Antique Gold finish that gives it historic character and charm
  • UNIQUE DETAILS: Our Cryptex looks steampunk, victorian and industrial, helps prevent data theft, and adds an element of a game and fun into everyday life!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: A Cryptex Flash Drive is a great gift choice! Both stylish and useful, it artfully combines history with modernity and can be offered to your customers, colleagues and business partners on a wide number of occasions

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