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Go Out In Style
Canasta is a popular game of strategy, melding, matching, and teamwork. Work with a partner to shed similar cards from your hand -- the first to "go out" scores big points!

For fans of classic family card melding games, Canasta Bonanza provides everything needed for an authentic canasta game night. This set includes a whopping six decks of bespoke poker-size cards. Canasta cards, complete with custom face cards and convenient point value pips for easy scoring! This bonanza of Canasta cards opens possibilities for even more iconic games, including Hand and Foot.

Created as an evolution of Bridge, Rummy, and other popular card games, Canasta derives from a Spanish word for "basket." Spreading through the Spanish-speaking world and beyond, Canasta remains a beloved game among die-hard players nearly a century later.

Why You'll Love It
This gorgeous set of playing cards includes everything needed for a delightful evening of bluffing, fun, and partnership. Six sets of playing cards ensure a steady stream of gameplay, and the golden scoring pips add an air of class to the classic card game.

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