Cluebox: Captain Nemo's Escape

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1870, Paris. After the first publication about Captain Nemo and his submarine "Nautilus", which attracted a lot of public attention, Jules Verne publishes the end of the story about the mysterious captain. Shortly before his death, Nemo says that he will put all of his scientific discoveries and his autobiography in a small unsinkable container: “The last one to leave the „Nautilus“ submarine will throw the container into the sea and it will drift wherever the waves take it“. Right afterwards, the Nautilus is destroyed. Of course, one might think that the whole story was just a fantasy of Jules Verne. But in private conversations, he asserted that all characters were real people. And now we can prove that! We recently found the "unsinkable container" and now you are holding it in your hands.
It's time to unravel Captain Nemo's secret and find the lost traces of his scientific findings!

60 - 90 minutes' adventure

and a unique experience that you will remember a long time afterwards.

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