Chessmen - 4 1/8" King Wood-Grain Resin

wood Expressions SKU: 53030 Barcode: 658956422409


This heavily weighted Staunton Weighted chess set looks like real wood but it’s actually made from a resin based Spruce Tek material. This is a formidable set that has a traditional Staunton design and chunky pieces.  This resin based set is made to look like a high end lacquered wood set.  Get the durability of the resin pieces with the look and feel of a exclusive set from India.

You might call this set an “Attention Grabber”.  The finish and look of the pieces almost demands people come over and feel the heft of the pieces.

  •  Set weighs in at 3.85 lbs.
  •  Pieces are made from resin with metal weights.  They have the “Spruce-Tek” finish that makes the pieces look like wood
  •  Double Queens
  • These have “Leatherette” bottoms (high quality vinyl)
  • Fits on a 2.25″ to 2.5″ square chess board.

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