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The legacy

Minoan civilization flourished in the Greek island of Crete 4500 years ago and was named after the Mythic King of the city of Knossos, Minos. Despite the common belief that Minoans were a peaceful civilization ,  hunting scenes often featured shields, helmets and garb suited more to a warrior’s identity, than to a hunter's. Moreover, an empire of that magnitude, with neighbours with great military power such as Egypt and others could not be built without a powerful and significant Minoan army.

The Chessmen

The King is inspired from a fresco relief named Prince of the Lilies, in the Knossos Palace. The Goddess of the Snakes (Queen) was the matriarchal figure of fertility, wearing the garment of the era. The Bishop figure is inspired by the mythical monster Minotaur that was imprisoned in the labyrinth of the Palace. The Castle is a pillar of the Palace, still standing at Knossos to this day, admirably maintaining its red colors. The double axe that the soldier (Pawn) holds is a religious symbol of the period and the Knight is inspired by the decoration of the late Minoan years.

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