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  • PICTURE THIS: This is the perfect family game for kids and adults, because it uses pictures (not word), so younger players can join in on family game night.
  • WAIT, IT WAS YOU!?: Each round someone is the hidden Chameleon — discovering everyone’s real identity creates lots of memorable family party game moments.
  • PUSHING THE ENVELOPE: Super-secret reveal envelopes make hidden identities a fun surprise and with no coded dice in this version, it’s an easy to set up party game.
  • NEVER GETS OLD: Thanks to changing identities and 480 pictures to guess at, this is a family game for kids and adults that has loads of replay-value.
  • QUICK TO LEARN EASY TO PLAY: Look at the picture, use one word to describe it, then find the Chameleon. Board games for families should all be this easy and fun!

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