C Is For Chocolate

TDC Games Inc SKU: 24 Barcode: 018886071038


Read the mystery, assemble 2 puzzles and finally, solve the mystery. Contains two 500 piece puzzles that have been diabolically mixed together in the same bag. No image is available from which to build the puzzle, which makes this for advanced puzzlers only. Assemble the two puzzles that represent "before" and "after" evidence of the crime scene. C is for Chocolate's mystery...Death is no stranger to the Happydale Nursing Home, but the police suspect that someone is speeding the process with poison. To find out who really dunnit, hold the solution up to the mirror. Give this puzzle for birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, anniversaries, Mothers or Fathers Day, etc. Perfect for those crafty sleuths in your life!

  • Alphabet Mystery puzzle game
  • Two puzzles and one mystery story booklet included
  • Puzzles are 500 pieces each
  • Puzzles measure 13 x 10 inches

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