Birding in the USA

True South Puzzles SKU: 54669 Barcode: 787790892052


All bird and puzzle lovers! It’s time to flock together to assemble designer Scott Schiller’s Birding in the USA puzzle! No need to sound a pish or to peer through binoculars to glimpse something unique here. All kinds of feathered beauties are perched proudly for you to see! Just place the pieces of this puzzle map to find where the Bald Eagles soar, Pileated Woodpeckers peck, White Throated Sparrows sing, and Black Capped Chickadees nest. Even the most enthusiastic birders can tick their most elusive species as this puzzle comes together. Just grab your field guide, your life list, and prepare for a big day of discovery as you hunt and peck for your next bird and puzzle prize. Happy birding!

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