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  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Haynes is an instantly recognisable classic British brand which have now put their name to a range of electronic model building kits. Each kit comprises all the components needed to create your own version of classic electronic devices and comes with a clear and concise instruction guide in the style of a Haynes manual.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN BAT DETECTOR: Who says you can't hear bats? With the Haynes Build Your Own Bat Detector Kit, you can turn the ultrasonic calls of bats into audible sounds.
  • NO SOLDERING REQUIRED: Easy to assemble, with all components and relevant wiring included, you do not require a solder to create your own bat detector. Suitable for children aged 14 and above, the Haynes Build Your Own Bat Detector Kit is the perfect starter project for aspiring engineers and can serve as a wonderful learning tool for those who love electronics and how they work.
  • CREATE YOUR OWN BAT DETECTOR: Once built, you will have your very own handmade high-quality ultrasonic detector perfect for tracing these fascinating flight artists. Housed in a cardboard picture box, the completed device will detect not only the sound of bats but also a host of technical devices that emit ultrasonic sounds. You will be surprised how many inaudible acoustical sources surround us Boost your ears: 20 kHz is not enough

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