Baffling Bubbles Jungle Foliag

Nervous System SKU: 49819


Baffling Bubbles is a brain bending wooden puzzle brought to you by Nervous System and artist Chris Yates. Each colorful bubble is a mini puzzle; they aggregate to form a larger puzzle, creating multiple levels of puzzling play. Every Babbling Bubbles Puzzle is one of a kind and features a unique computer generated cut pattern that combines Nervous System’s squiggly pieces with Chris Yates' enigmatic connectors shaped like spirals, hammers, waves and more! There are five color schemes based on Chris Yates’ spray paint textures. These are directly printed on wood creating vibrant all-wood puzzles (no paper involved!)


  • Generative - every one is unique. Pick a color scheme and we will send you a puzzle with the same colors but a unique cut
  • Contains approximately 212 pieces
  • Digitally painted on maple plywood
  • Laser cut in Palenville, NY

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