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  • TRAVEL: This favorite travel version of the beloved game of backgammon features a stylish leatherette case, zipper closure and a removable wrist strap. Made to endure years of play and travel. All the game pieces fit nicely within the game case for easy storage.
  • FINE DETAILS: The playing field is made of velvety soft felt and the points are leatherette and are stitched into the playing surface. The surface and pieces are magnetic making it the perfect travel companion for the backgammon player. The leatherette dice cups are felt lined for the softest of dice rolls.
  • INCLUDES: Includes game instructions, 2 dice cups, 30 magnetic chips in two different colors with felt bottoms, 4 dice in two different colors and 1 doubling cube.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Closed, the case measures 9 x 7.25 x 2 in.; Opened, the game measures 14 x 9.125 x 1.026 in.; Chips: .692 in. diameter x .172 in. thick; Dice: .448 in.; Doubling Cube: .607 in.; Dice Cups: 2.582 in. x 2.345 x 1.3 in.

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