Alea Iacta Est Messing

Jean Claude SKU: 54453


A premium version of this charming packing puzzle, this time with deluxe metal dice. 

Alea Iacta Est ia a wonderful packing puzzle game that you can play over and over.  Before you begin playing, you have to roll the dice. Then place the dice on the playing board in such a way that the number on the die sits on the matching number on the base.  (5 dice has to cover 5 on the board, 2 Dice has to cover a 2 on the board, ... etc.)

After all the 6 dice are on the board, you have to find a way to get all nine wooden playing pieces to fit onto the board also. Only one field is free, and it has to be a field without any marks.

You can play this game many times, and you will always have a different solution.

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