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This sequential discovery puzzle, designed and made by Brian Young, has many puzzles to solve as you progress through each level to get to the final goal! 

Abraham’s Well has many separate steps to solve with a level of complexity comparable or surpassing previous multi-step sequential discovery puzzles like the Plugged Well or the Opening Bat. The puzzle can be separated into are 23 individual parts. There are another 21 parts that are glued into the body and never actually come out of the puzzle.

A huge part of the puzzling is to work out which of these 23 parts are the hidden tools, and which are not. There's a tool for every part of the puzzle, you just have to find it! Another interesting factor contributing to the difficulty of the puzzle is that even if you’re able to take the puzzle apart using a non-intended solution or even just by chance, you cannot reverse engineer the solution just by seeing all the pieces laid out in front of you-- unlike many similar puzzles!

With so many levels how will you know when you’re finished?
The ultimate goal is to find the uniquely Australian token Brian has placed inside the puzzle. There can be no mistaking once you’ve found it!

Abraham’s Well is made from Queensland Maple wood (with some Silky Oak and Jarrah inside. Silky Oak is particularly used inside because it’s very stable). You’ll see from the photos the colour of this wood can vary quite a lot from a light pink to almost rust-brown and every shade in between. Some puzzles even have the colour graduation on the same body.
There are magnets (of course!) and lots of brass pieces, some stainless steel pins & hex head nuts and allen keys. 

Size:  65mm x 65mm and 100mm tall to the top of the windlass support posts.


This is a difficult mechanical puzzle-- for experienced puzzle solvers!

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