Boston 12-in-1 Cribbage & More

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This game sack is emblazoned with a Boston logo made specially for Eureka Puzzles, making it a great souvenir.  

There are many games that can be played with the five wooden dice, cribbage board & deck of cards included in this game sack. These three components are rich in history and have evolved into great classic games of the present. Dice games have been played for thousands of years and by many ancient cultures - archaeological digs date them back to 6000 BC. The "leaf game," played during the Tang Dynasty of 9th Century China, is considered the grandfather of the modern-day "playing cards." The game of cribbage, invented by an English poet, evolved from the card game "Noddy" during the 1600's. It's no wonder dice and card games have survived since ancient times.

* Folding Wooden Cribbage Board

* 1 Deck of Cards

* 5 Wooden Dice w/Black Dots

* Drawstring Canvas Bag

* Instructions for 12 Games

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