Aces & Spades Wood Card & Poker Dice Box

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The Aces & Spades Wood Card & Poker Dice Box comes with a beautifully crafted wooden box.  While many traditional games can be played with the two included decks of cards and poker dice, instructions for seven different games are included.  This classic game set makes a beautiful gift and a handsome addition for any desktop or coffee table. Poker dice is a fun and fast-moving version of Poker which is played by two or more players with 5 special dice featuring Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 & 9.  Each player gets 3 rolls and can hold dice in between rolls. The best hand of the three rolls wins.

• Cards and poker dice game set – Instructions for 7 games included
• Classic wooden card box with dividers
• Includes two decks of cards, 5 poker dice and WE Games notepad for keeping score
• Box measures 8.25 x 5.375 x 2.75
• Poker dice feature Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 & 9 to form a poker hand

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