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Nova Plexus is a Puzzle Sculpture that has been over 40 years in the making. Geoff Wyvill first designed Nova Plexus and originally intended a limited edition of 500 made from quarter inch stainless steel. He made 26 and then moved to New Zealand making no more. Nova Plexus is a self supporting structure made from 12 identical, precisely made. metal rods. 40 years on Two Brass Monkeys have worked with Geoff to complete the limited edition. We've also made a brass edition (unlimited) of the puzzle/sculpture which will be available at a later date. This item includes all of the following:
  • a stainless steel copy of the Nova Plexus puzzle sculpture,
  • a laser engraved, uniquely numbered, anodized aluminum certificate of authenticity
  • a high quality postcard with a letter/story from Geoff explaining the history of Nova Plexus
  • a bonus second brass copy of Nova Plexus
  • pouches to hold the Nova Plexus pieces while it is unassembled
  • rubber bands to help with assembly of the puzzle.  

Please note that this puzzle sculpture does not come with a solution. The story card includes a link to a video of the Nova Plexus being assembled by Geoff.

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