Smart Kids! 101 Number Puzzles

Arcturus SKU: 51015 Barcode: 9781398815094


This fun-packed book is bursting with entertaining activities that will put your math and logic skills to the test.

The ingenious puzzles range from classic riddles and code-cracking games to clever Japanese puzzles. Whether you're a logic-game legend or a number-puzzle newbie, you'll find plenty here to love. Tackle the activities solo, or challenge your family and friends to see who's got the skills to be puzzle champion!

• Arithmetic
• Percentages
• Angles
• Fractions
• And more!

With hilarious full-color illustrations, this activity books is a brilliant blend of education and entertainment for smart kids aged 7+.

 Arcturus' mind-bending Smart Kids! series puts young reader's math and logic skills to the test. Featuring wacky full-color illustrations by Diego Funck, these books are perfect for home learning for kids aged 7+.

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