Eureka Puzzles SKU: 54722

Are you a puzzle expert? Do you want to torture the puzzlers in your life? Put your picture on this bedeviling puzzle for the ultimate jigsaw challenge. 

This 300-piece puzzle is comprised of amoeba-shaped pieces that nestle, rather than snap together. This makes it significantly harder to sort by shape, and will have you constantly second-guessing whether that piece actually goes there. 

When choosing your image, keep in mind that certain images make for harder puzzling than others. Puzzles with dark colors, similar tones of colors, and large areas of one color are much harder! With a puzzle this challenging, you may want to consider a picture with bright, distinct areas of colors. 

Have any questions about your image? Please email and we'd be happy to help you!

Upload your image using the link below. If you have trouble with the upload, please call the store at (617) 738-7352.

The current estimate for puzzle turnaround is one to two weeks.

You'll receive an email once your puzzle is completed. We will be in touch with any issues that may arise with your puzzle. 


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