Wine Escape Sugarskull Hollow

BOxer SKU: 54860 Barcode: 5036394230940


Solve the clues. Discover the hidden code. Unlock the poison. Enticed into a sickeningly sweet cottage deep inside a twisted forest by an evil witch, you soon realise you must escape if you want to live. You notice the evil hag has drifted off to is your chance! Can you creep through the corners of the house, solve the clues and unlock the poison to escape the evil fate granny has planned? Embark on this journey and work together through cryptic riddles to piece together the code for the padlock, to kill the witch and escape to freedom! With four dark and creepy 'rooms', you must answer all the questions and riddles on the playing cards correctly, then fill in the score sheet and decipher the locked 4 digit combination! Complete with 54 escape room cards, a 4 digit combination padlock and a score sheet, all packaged within a metal wine cage, this creepy twist on a classic escape room is the perfect novelty gift for puzzle lovers (and wine drinkers) on their birthday or Christmas! Simply add a bottle of your choice, lock the cage, and let the games begin... (Poison not included!)

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