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Designer: Tamás Vanyó

This puzzle measures: 120 mm x 96 mm x 60 mm

Material: Cherry, Mahogany, Wenge, Maple, Padouk and Acacia

Moves: 39 (

Tamás Vanyó wrote about it:

“If you know my puzzles you know: I like the non traditional shapes and mazes. The Ultra is both of them a little. It has some frame like a mazes, and some regular stricks. At first sight looks like a grouping puzzle (my other favourite puzzle type), what can't totally disassebmly. But you can beleive me: it can disassembly totally some well-directed moves. When I planned I experimented with this type a lot. I made some variation, I've an 'Infra' puzzle too. Nowadays I often keep in my mind the robust of pieces, thinking about a producer and puzzler to avoid the possibiliy of broken elements. When I planned this puzzle I left in the drawer for a long time before I published it. I was surprised when Jakub requested a permission to produce it. Of course I liked it, the honor is mine! When I saw the prototype I said: Wow! I like it! It was a very pleasant feeling when I first saw my puzzle plan in the real wood representation! Even so it is from fantastic type of woods. The workmanship is professional as usual, buy it, and happy puzzling with it!”

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