Friends & Foes: From The Inn

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This collection of 50 spectacularly-illustrated cards features original DND spellcasters, warriors, sneaks, brutes, priests, and more! All the stats for the NPCs are there at a glance for the DM. Hang them over your DM screen so the players can see the great art, while all the stats are visible to the DM in an intuitive, easy-to-use format. Any DM can use these original, gorgeous NPC cards for their unique content, tactics, and ease of use, even if they play online or do not use a DM screen.

You can either use the NPCs generically (ex: two Avenging Knights guarding an enemy castle) or use the character profile on the card for a fleshed-out NPC in seconds (ex: Sir Terryn Able, a towering, loyal, but very serious Avenging Knight in a tattered red cloak who obsessively maintains his armor and treats his massive warhorse, Saph, with extra care).

The back of every card features the artwork again, class background and details for the DM, tactical advice, and a named NPC mini-profile, which includes a read-aloud section and more DM info for that individual. These “ friends and foes” add depth, richness, and flavor to any game effortlessly. Use these NPCs to spark memorable roleplaying and combat encounters, and even help you shape your campaign world.

Stat Trackers’ Friends & Foes Collection is designed to work great on its own, and even better as a complete DM system with our other Stat Trackers products. Track initiative and have the stats for every monster, player character, and NPC in the encounter at a glance when used in combination with our Stat Trackers Core Set (317 official DND monsters), Character Tracker and Blank Monster Tracker forms, and/or Dry Erase GM Screen with built-in hit point tracker. 

Friends & Foes is printed on oversized, sturdy, dry erase friendly cards. They are pre-scored for easy folding over the DM screen and are printed in color on both sides. They are designed to be easy to read and come in a re-closable tuck box for easy storage.

From the Inn Includes the following 50 original DND NPCs: Abyssal Priest, Apostle, Arcane Hermit, Archer Adept, Avenging Knight, Battle Sorcerer, Brawler, Chaplain, Conflagrationist, Crusader, Cryomancer, Darkwood Witch, Dread Acolyte, Dread Champion, Dread Priest, Dread Zealot, Dwarf Champion, Dwarf Prophet, Dwarf Stormaxe, Gold Guardian, Greycloak, Infernal Warlock, Inspector, Lookout, Martial Artist, Mercenary, Mercenary General, Moonbound Druid, Necromancer, Noble Hero, Nord Warchief, Nord Warrior, Operative, Pit Fighter, Plainsrider, Pyromancer, Radiant Hierophant, Ranger, Seaport Brigand, Sentinel, Shadow Warlock, Skald, Skinchanger, Spellbinder, Swordmage, Swordmaster, Village Hero, Wandering One, Warden, Woodland Raider

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