Mind the Gap Travel Edition

Solid Roots SKU: 56068 Barcode: 778988672945


Mind the Gap from SolidRoots is a trivia and charades game for the generations! Ideal for Thanksgiving, family game nights, and parties! Players divide up into equal teams. The idea is that the generations work together to make it around the board as quickly as possible. Get one person from each generation to increase your chances of winning! In Mind the Gap, anyone can be the hero…the 15-year-old AND grandma. The 5 trivia categories include TV/Film, Pop Culture, Music, Headlines and Slang/Slogans. If you land on a space with a star, the team must choose 1 member to draw a challenge card. That’s when you’ll be singing, dancing or acting iconic moments of the generations! Whether you are searching for fun new board games, trivia games or adult games for your next family party - this is the game for you. All you need is 2+ players and an hour or less to play.

Includes Gameboard, Boomer Cards, Gen X Cards, Millennial Cards, Gen Z Cards, Challenge Cards, 4 Movers, 1 Die, Instructions

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