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A trick-taking game unlike any other. Steer your boats and fight the Kraken based on which cards are played to the tricks and who wins each trick. Work through four difficulty levels in the scenario book, or build your own on the customizable map.

Strap on your eye patch and navigate your ship through turbulent waters in this cooperative trick-taking 2-player game! Reach the end of this dangerous deep end, and avoid taking damage from the Kraken to win the game together, or your crew will be sleeping with the fishes!

Each round, you and your partner will play tricks until one of you wins four tricks.

As you play (while following suit), you will attempt to play cards with icons that pair with what your partner plays. Playing these special icon pairs allows you to move your ship or fight the Kraken. Playing icons that form the wrong kind of pair makes the Kraken attack you!

Hopefully, you can get on the same page as your partner and make it to the finish before the end of the 5th round and before the Kraken wrecks your ship.

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